Come and be a part of a movement to connect the world. Our mission is to connect the mass people on earth with everyone and share their experiences, help them in their desperate needs and get updates on what’s happening on the other side of the world.

Anyone should not feel apart from any other in case of lone times. We as people on earth have duties and responsibilities towards each other as human being and that responsibility should not be avoided with the barrier of money. Our goal is to get rid of people from unnecessary cost they spend on mobile to get connected with their loved ones. We want people to have freedom to get connected with anyone they want. By this only we can only create earth a good place to live in. Our so called Disaster alert feature is solely built to help people during natural calamities. Also the app has been made so light weight that it doesn’t take too much of your data to gets loaded. You can activate the lite version of app, and when you feel like data going fast, you can activate your app in lite mode and start communicating with your relatives.