You need to download the app first to get start with the excitement. You can easily find our app on Google play store, Windows app store and IPhone app store. You just need to search on any community or social network based keyword and can easily download our app from the store.

After installing the app, make sure that app is installed to the latest version with new updates and changes in order to avoid the uninterrupted excitement for long.

After that sign up with few of your few personal credentials, after which you need to verify your phone and email id by entering the one time password sent on each. After the verification has been done you are ready to join the full featured packed enjoyment. Get to know your friends that you have joined the platform and drop a request to come and have fun. You can even create groups and post videos and status and have fun with your friends. The words of smiles are full of fun, and give every emotion for every action you want.